Friday List Mania 5: El Ultimo

Friends, we have made it to the last Friday in January! (Feel free to cheer.) As my final post-related List Mania, I thought I would subject you to treat you to a grouping of my favorites. These are the posts that make ME laugh when I read them, and I know we could all use a good laugh to start off the weekend. (Especially since Grey’s Anatomy was a re-run last night. While I know that show isn’t usually a laugh a minute, it has always signaled Weekend Ahead for me and for many Super Colleagues in my life.)

And, surprise surprise, my top five faves all involve my friends. Through many of my older posts, I relive what it was like to be in my classroom, which is something I like to do often because I miss my little friends. So indulge me for a moment. Swallow your coffee/water/adult beverage now, people, because I would hate for you to spit it out all over your screen as the hilarity of these posts unfolds. I’m only thinking of you.

And in no particular order:

Moment #1: Ah, The Great Cockroach Chase of 2007. This post reminds me of my lovely naughty boys, the insanity that can spring up at any second in a classroom and the vermin….all the vermin. *shudder* Note: I miss the kids, not the cockroaches.

Moment #2: Whoops! I had to include one about my beloved Curly. HAD TO. Just thinking about this sweaty little boy makes me smile…although I’m still wondering why he was always sweating just a little? Maybe from all that fabulousness.

Moment #3: I Guess I’m the Mama Bear – I used to get crazy protective about my friends. CRAZY. I mean, sure, I could yell all I wanted discipline them from time to time when they deserved it, but watching SOMEONE ELSE freak out at them? When they were just trying their best? All I have to say to that is, “bring it!” (Any of you who muttered, “Oh it’s already been broughten!” are amazing. Smelly sticker for you!)

Moment #4: Does picture day literally strike fear in your heart? Are you haunted by memories of disorganization past? Or am I alone on this one? It’s Picture Day – And That’s Nothing To Smile About

Moment #5: Some you asked me to write about moments in the classroom that went horribly wrong. Now, I know I think I’m pretty hot stuff, but DUDE, I’d be insane to act like nothing ever went wrong. You want moments gone wrong? Well here you go – Why Bill Nye the Science Guy and I Will Never Be Friends.

Okay. Now go enjoy the crap out of your weekends. You deserve it.

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  • I was sitting at home with my broken foot up…feeling sorry for myself and thinking about the next 4 (or possibly 8) more weeks of being unable to drive, walk, work my regular schedule (It's already been 5 weeks! I can't believe I was so stupid/impulsive/careless or whatever to do this to myself!).

    Lucky for me…I read all of the posts you listed. I didn't spit any liquid all over my computer, but I did laugh out loud over and over again.

    Thank you a dozen times! I needed that 🙂

    January 29, 2010 at 3:27 pm
  • In honor of your fantastic success in posting everyday, I have an award for you!

    January 29, 2010 at 10:35 pm
  • Loved the Mama Bear story. I totally feel that way. I am stern when I need to be but always loving too. I can't stand it when people who don't even know my students reprimand them or act too strict, especially if there is no modeling or instruction. I just had a run-in with a cluster teacher who yelled at one of my really good girls for daring to ask to go to the bathroom during HIS period. Poor thing had a urinary tract infection that I had forgotten to mention at the beginning of the period. I set him straight. I prohibit the bathroom all the time, but only when I KNOW my students are lying or if they already peed all over the wall on purpose in there earlier in the day and I threatened to call their parents to bring in diapers (you know what I'm talking about). Yeah, I'm a Mama Bear too.

    January 30, 2010 at 10:34 pm

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