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Ok, my friends.  Let’s try something new, shall we?  Mrs. Mimi is going to upload a RESOURCE! For FREE!  (YOU get a resource!  And YOU get a resource!) (I will never tire of that Oprah joke, by the way.)

Last week, I posted a picture of Fountas & Pinnell’s bible, The Continuum of Literacy Learning, PreK-8 over on my Instagram account.  (Are you following me on Instagram?  I am relatively new and trying my best to crush it over there.  Every follower helps my #fragilelittleego.)  In my post, I referenced a cheat sheet I had created for grades K through 5 which condenses the brilliant-yet-ever-so-cumbersome continuum.  I asked if anyone was interested and the answer was a resounding “YES!”, so here goes.

But first, a story.

(duh, there’s always a story.)

I was working with a group of teachers who are currently preparing to switch from using the DRAII to the F&P BAS (Benchmark Assessment System).  Many of these teachers were familiar with F&P and had been using earlier versions of their running records as needed when they needed to set new instructional goals for their little friends.  Around the building, these running records were referred to as “F&Ps.”  (Say that out loud.  Really listen to yourself say it.  This will be important.)

One teacher suggested we call it the “BAS” instead of an “F&P.”  Evidently she had received a letter from a parent who was concerned that her son came home stating that she was cursing in class.  She was using the F word…or so this student said. Well, this particular teacher is the embodiment of a macaroni necklace and would never be caught dead saying anything stronger than “shoot” or “jeepers.”  She wracked her brain trying to think of what this little friend thought he was hearing and then it came to her.  Last week, she had made copies of running records for her colleagues.  Then she sent students off to deliver the pile of “F&Ps”.

(Get it, “effing Ps”?)

I wonder what he thought the P was for?

Anyhow, here it is.  I feel like there should be flashing arrows and maybe some confetti that spell out “FREE RESOURCE BELOW.”  To be clear, this is a resource I created using Fountas and Pinnell’s continuum and they should receive full credit for their brilliance.  I just made it less scoliosis-inducing.  (I read through the levels associated with each grade level and listed them all in one place.  In general, they are listed hierarchically, so those skills at the top of each individual bullet pointed list come earlier in the grade level than those listed toward the bottom.)  I like to use these with teachers to aide in setting short term instructional goals for their readers/small groups.  By short term, I mean something they can dig into and feel successful with over a 2-3 week period of time.  Everyone could benefit from feeling a little successful right?

F&P cheat sheet K

F&P cheat sheet gr 1

F&P cheatsheet gr 2

F&P cheat sheet gr 3

F&P cheat sheet gr 4

F&P cheat sheet gr 5

Please leave any and all feedback in the comments.  Usually I am all hilariousness…this is me dipping my toes into the resource pool.  THOUGHTS?


Mrs. Mimi

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