Today I Was Crushing It and Then…

…the “and then” part is going to kill you.  But then you’ll be all, “Eh, not so surprising,” which is a sad state of affairs but it’s what is happening.

I was teaching the guided reading lesson to end all guided reading lessons which is saying something because this particular group is made up of four adorable friends who are all boys who happen to be fragile readers that desperately don’t want to struggle any more.  We were practicing how to be flexible decoders.  The teaching point was spot on.  My modeling was A.Maz.Ing.  The book choice was on the 100.  The boys were so engaged that they were practically crawling across the table to get more involved in the conversation.

How was the rest of my class you ask?  If there was a title to the work of art that was their independent reading it would be “Wild Readers: A Study in Fabulousness.”

I’m not kidding.  We were all crushing it like it has never been crushed before.

I was about to link our learning back to the boys’ independent reading with the most perfect artifact when…


It was as if time stopped.  Shocked, we all paused and listened for a moment.




It wasn’t going to stop until I answered it.  And as I rose from the table, I watched the magic that was our reading disappear like a mean cocktail during a Friday happy hour dandelion fluff.  Poof!

I answered the phone.  “Yes, I know about the meeting after school. Yes, I will be there.  Yes, I will have my data.  Couldn’t you have handled this…”




…in an email?


The struggle is REAL!

Mrs. Mimi



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  • Very engaging post. Amusing, but if that happens for real, it can really be annoying. When there’s the magic of your momentum, when suddenly the phone rings, and the spell is broken. Then you have to start from square one again. LOL. Kudos, you are a great teacher!

    September 16, 2018 at 12:39 pm

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