What’s the International Sign for Drowning Again?

Help!  I’m going under!  I have been treading water with a moderate amount of success for the last few weeks but I think March just officially had it’s way with me and it’s not pretty.  We’re talking significant bruising.

Here is the problem with being a teacher…wait,  are you ready for this?  Take a moment and put down your cocktail coffee so you don’t spill.


We are not just teachers.


Okay.  So I know that this is not a revolutionary idea, but it is true.  We are all something else – mothers, fathers, siblings, small business owners, writers, exercisers (Is that what you even call someone who works out?  I don’t have first hand knowledge with this…because, you know, I’m a teacher.  Full.  Circle.), bloggers, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, or avid cocktail drinkers.  Whatever it is, we are all something else outside of our lives in the classroom.  Yet, teaching isn’t “just a job” that we leave behind when we leave the building.  It is a part of who we are, how we see the world and our happiness.  Which is lovely in that let’s-all-sit-around-and-feel-warm-fuzzies way but it is also all consuming and, at times, crippling.


Hence me feeling like I’m drowning.

I am always thinking about schools, the teachers I work with and that lesson I have to write, article I have to read, student work I have to look at, that endless list of pieces ot the teacher puzzle that I love but sometimes a girl just needs to vacuum the living room and watch Grey’s.

Spring break is this mythical light at the end of my tunnel and with any luck I will make it.  But don’t get in my way in the meantime because I’m overwhelmed and cranky just trying to survive.


Send vodka coffee,

Mrs. Mimi



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