Art For A Snowy Afternoon (#smocksforcocks)

It’s snowing here.  And while, yes, it is fun to play outside in the snow, more often than not, all this snow means that our little friends are spending a ton of time indoors.   I mean, it’s indoor recess as far as the eye can see…


As a result, our friends can get a bit squirrelly.  Am I right?  We can try to tackle this with a little at-your-seat yoga,  an impromptu dance party on the rug, or a quick lap around the gym.  But for me, sometimes dealing with all this pent-up-we-desperately-need-recess energy meant flushing the schedule and just doing some art.  (Did you hear that? It was the sound of uptight administrators everywhere passing out.  Seriously, heads on the floor and everything.)  I don’t know about you, but a mural always made me (and my little friends) feel better and often meant that we could go back to our work with renewed focus.  But that’s just me.

And sometimes, just sometimes, these artistic moments can yield some fantastic comedy.

An example.  Here’s what came home to my girlfriend’s house last week:


Obviously, she texted it to me and another one of our friends within seconds.  Did she have any choice?  Below, we attempt to puzzle through her artistic intentions:

Our friend: Wow, for lots of reasons.  What does she need?  A smock?

Me: Oh my.  Well, I guess a smock would be nice when you encounter one of those from time to time.  She’s right – don’t want to get dirty.

The Mom:  A smock or a smoke might be good when she encounters one of those.  I believe it says a smock “for that” she doesn’t get dirty.  Wouldn’t want to spill!

Me: #preach

Our friend: #lifegetsmessy

Me: #smocksforcocks




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