It Doesn’t Take Much…

Last week I visited a school and, as a result of my drive and need to obsessively drink as much coffee as humanly possible in the morning, needed to hit the ladies promptly upon my arrival.

You guys.  It was lovely.  In a sad, sad, teachers-don’t-really-ask-for-much kind of way.  First of all, it was a regular height.  Now, I love to work my thighs as much as the next girl thinking ahead to summer, but honestly?  I don’t need to desperately squat in heels over a toilet designed for a five year old.  Quite a picture, I know, but I have always been one to say it like it is, no?

Second of all, it had a working lock, ample toilet paper that was not the standard 1/4 ply and a sink that had actual warm water and normal people soap.

And there was more!

In the corner, was a lovely shelf stocked with anything one could want in the middle of the day and, in a haste to grab their 45 pound bag and third coffee, might have forgotten.  We are talking a variety of hand lotions, a couple of hair products, tissues, aspirin, cough drops, gum….you name it!  And none of that oddly generic stuff either; it was all legit.  Stuff that made you feel like someone, anyone, thought about what might make your day a little easier and decided not to cheap out and rely on the thought to count.

I mean, some professionals necessitate a corner office, require a personal assistant, demand an expense account or, you know, ask for a moment to sit in peace and eat their lunch.  Whatever.  All we teachers want is a little respect and possibly a toilet that is higher than 12 inches off the ground.  You know, one designed for adults.  Is that too much to ask?

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    February 3, 2015 at 7:39 pm

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