Trading Balance For Some New Habits

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…yet sadly I wish my chosen new habits felt more dicey or badass but alas, I am a teacher and a mommy, so here goes.

I went to the gym today.  I went to the gym today for essentially the first time in a little over four and a half years.  YEEEEAAARRRRSSSSSS.

(Need I remind you of Mini Mimi’s precise age?  It’s just shy of four and a half.  ‘Nough said.)

(And there’s another one now too, so the gym has been a bit of a thing in my rear view mirror.  My ever-expanding rear view mirror.  Ahem.)

I think it goes without saying that Mrs. Mimi is embarking on a journey of starting newer, healthier, more balanced habits and, if I do say so myself, so far so good.  But it’s haaaard.  (Can we please note that in true teacher-fashion, I decided to start these fabulous new habits on the Monday after the holiday?  Partially because I’m a bit anal and “new things must start on Mondays” and partially because I couldn’t possibly start something new during the winter break.  I mean….)

I have been searching for balance for many years.  And after those many, many years I have decided that balance is bullshit.  It’s elusive, punishing and just makes me feel bad about myself.  (For confirmation of my failed attempts at “balance,” click here, here or here.)No teacher worth her Super Colleague Cape ever achieved perfect balance.  The pendulum is too cruel and always in motion – sometimes we are super teachers who are crushing it in our classrooms while constantly ordering take out and acting like those monthly gym membership fees aren’t taunting us.  Other times we are strong, fun, responsive friends ready to listen but totally behind on our paperwork.  And then there are times that our kids need us and then…well then it is just a goddamn crapshoot isn’t it.  I consider myself lucky when everyone is clothed, fed and I’ve managed to leave the house in matching (fabulous) shoes.

So balance is out and it’s all about habit forming in my world.  My habits of choice?  Gym going, blogging, and more professional reading.  (Okay, that is just scraping the surface, but do you really need to read about things such as picking out my outfit the night before rather than in a panic in my dark closet or going to bed by 10?  I think not.)

What I like about habit forming rather than striving for balance, is that the idea of forming a new habit means you just have to get started.  Lazy ass!  Just get started!  (Or that’s what I yell at myself when the wine and the couch just call my name….Oh Miiiiiimiiiii!)  So I’m starting.  Now.  Go!

What habits are you trying to form in this new year?

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  • Nice to see you back. It's been FOREVER. Blogging and exercising are not a choice. They must be done. They keep me from killing actual people.

    January 7, 2015 at 1:23 am
  • I am trying for some better habits myself this year. I am going to try to speak to my Super Colleagues at least once a day about something not related to schoolwork (Winter Break has reminded me that the outside world is pretty nice, too). I am going to try to hit snooze no more than one time. Perhaps zero. Okay, one. Just one.
    I am going to accept "try" as a goal, and give myself actual stickers on days when I succeed at these two goals.

    January 7, 2015 at 1:23 am
  • Welcome back! I've taught for 30 years, hubby, 3 daughters, grad school +++, and I'm convinced there is no true balance- just ebbs and flows. But now life is getting easier- kids are out of school, having their own lives. A dear teacher friend used to tell me life does get easier and it does. Just keep the faith!

    January 7, 2015 at 1:23 am

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