Year In Review – The Most Popular Posts of 2011

Hey, y’all.  I’m deep into my plan to heavily caffeinate  myself in hopes of staying up past midnight.  (Sigh) The glory days are over…for now at least.  Okay, maybe not over over, but the glory certainly looks different nowadays.

Regardless.  2011 was a year that was pretty light in the way of posting, something I hope to remedy in 2012.  But we went through a lot together over here at INAFAS.  Learning how to balance mommy-dom and work (Notice I said “learning” not “perfecting.”  If anyone has “perfected,” please  email me.  On second thought, don’t.  I don’t need to feel bad about myself.), finishing my doctoral work and officially becoming Dr. Mimi, expanding my writing career into magazines and other professional blogs, and, you know, complaining.

Here is the most popular post from each month this year.  Remember, you did this to yourselves by commenting furiously on some fairly random topics.  And I love you for it.

Now, without further ado (and by “ado,” I mean rambling):

January: The Cow Says Moo”
Unwavering in your support, you all listened to me bitch about discuss pumping at work.  (Sorry boys!)

February: Bloggers Beware
An open letter to teachers who should have really kept their mouths shut.  Blog carefully, lovies.

March: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
An apology to you, my lovely readers, for my absence during a fit of dissertation panic.  Balance, shmalance, Mimi wanted to graduate!

April: Whoops!  What happened to April?  Can I claim temporary insanity due to lack of sleep?  (Mini Mimi, I’m looking at YOU.)

May: Someone Get Me A Cocktail, STAT
In my apparent Year of the Me Monster, yet another post about me.  (Although I do love the whole “STAT” bit.  You can say those things when you’re a doctor you know.)

June: We Are A Group Divided
A celebration of the end of the year.

July: The Wall
A sad moment, when my beloved Barnsey ripped my heart in twain.

August: Facey Face
In which I negate former friends in the interest of not falling victim to Facey Face.

September: The Ugly Side of Multi-Tasking
In which I admit that I have a problem.  Constantly having too much on my plate.  And loving it.  Kind of.

October: I Think It’s Called ‘Having A Chip On Your Shoulder’
In which I rant about people who talk shiz-nit about teachers in public.

November: An Open Letter to Anna Dewdney
Because, yes, Mini Mimi and I have already done several author studies.

December: We Teachers Have a Sickness
Admit it, we are incapable of sitting still.  Must.  Have.  Project.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe night tonight.  Pour out a little champagne for me.

To more posts in 2012!



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