Winners All Around

Hi friends!  I’m still in Mimi-in-law Land, so will keep this one short and sweet.  (Also, apologies for being late with some of the giveaway announcements…can I chalk it up to a time change, lots of family time and too much food??) 

Aaaannnnnddd because I’m in Mimi-in-law Land, I’m not writing on my own computer and therefore have no clue how to include a screen shot of the random number generator I used to ensure that these giveaways were fair.  So, you’re just going to have to trust me.  I mean, teachers are honest folk, so I think we’re all good.  Rest assured that I am dilligent in my rule following.

Okay, on with the winners!! 

The winner of the Bob Books Sight Word Giveaway is…..

Katie Wilson!!!!!  Wheeeee!! 

Hold on though, friends.  We’ve got another announcement!  The winner of a SIGNED COPY of The Teachable Moment written by my internet BFF with an original essay by MOI is….

Can you stand the tension?

Are you just DYING?!


High fives all around!  I hope you are all having a lovely Monday.  Wish me luck as I fly my way home with Mini Mimi today (insert panicky expression here although she did great on the way over…).  I promise we’ll be back in full swing next week once I’ve fully recovered and finished the nine jillion loads of laundry we seemed to have created during our time away.  I’m living the dream, people, living the dream.

Katie Wilson and Debbie – congrats again and don’t forget to email me with your info so that you can get your prizes asap!


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  • Hi! I'm your newest and very excited to be follower from Kansas- a 2nd year K teacher- nice to meet you! I feel like ranting right now, major behavioral issues- tomorrow will be day 5 and I am praying this gets easier. What do you teach?

    August 24, 2010 at 5:47 am

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