The Teacher Olympics

I’m sitting here, comfortable on my couch with a fire going and my kitty by my side, watching the women’s Olympic skiing.  A little honesty here, I am absolutely okay with watching a workout DVD like it is a movie (complete with popcorn and maybe a soda) from deep inside my favorite easy chair.  This is a skill I have been working on for YEARS – we’re talking back to the Jane Fonda days in junior high where my girlfriends and I would pay rapt attention from our spots on the couch whilst munching on rice cakes slathered in cream cheese.  We felt as if the rental itself combined with the rice cakes were our nod to fitness.  I think that paints a fairly accurate picture of myself and physical activity.

I am basically horrified, awed, inspired and in disbelief over how hard these women push themselves.  Some are injured (read: should be sitting in a lodge drinking cocoa), some have fallen (read: what were you DOING skiing so fast?!) and all are actually intending to have their skis leave the ground (read: are insane). I mean, these sisters are putting their balls out on the line…there’s just no way to sugar coat it.

As you can guess, this makes me start to think about teaching.  Because EVERYTHING makes me think about teaching.  Just ask Mr. Mimi who is at times equal parts annoyed and filled with admiration at my ability to relate all topics back to teaching and/or my classroom.  I think it’s just in your blood when you’re a teacher, but whatever.

What would be our Olympic events?  The Holding-Your-Pee Super Combined?  (C’mon, you had to know a pee joke was first and foremost on my mind.) The Photocopier Relay? The 1000 Meter Dash to the Ladies/Mens Room?  The Patience Marathon?

I think it would be nice to just have a shiny  medal for some of my accomplishments.  I certainly feel like a loser enough of the time to necessitate and deserve the occasional win.  Where is the silver medal for Dealing With That Super Naughty Boy All Year and Helping Him To Make Crazy Progress? The gold medal for Most Assessments Graded and Turned In On Time Despite Your Personal Belief That Your Time Would Be Better Spent Actually Teaching?  I know I’ve always said I wanted a cape (because of my belief that all good teachers are truly Super Heroes), but I would totally take a medal.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that a medal might be easier to incorporate into my wardrobe than a cape.  You know, the whole metalics are a neutral thing.

I guess our medals come in the form of notes from our little friends and their parents.  I know I saved those which were the most meaningful to me and taped them up to the inside of my cabinets for my Loser Days.  Was that my trophy case?

Maybe it was.  Well then, here’s a sampling from my trophy case.  Go polish yours – they help you get through a rough week (or get your mind ready to go back after a restful vacation).

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  • There are lots of teaching years behind me, yet I'm still immature enough to laugh outloud at pee jokes. Thanks for the lift this morning 🙂

    February 19, 2010 at 12:56 pm
  • Can the school psychologists have a bag carrying competition? How long can you carry 5 bags of testing materials around all day since you don't have an office? It's a strength and stamina competition…

    February 19, 2010 at 4:49 pm
  • Rebecca, I would like to see us itinerant teachers have the same competition. It is definitely a strength and stamina competition. lol. No need to go to the gym after work.


    February 19, 2010 at 7:38 pm
  • I'd like to compete in the Patience trials:

    Also – the "Hearing Your Name Called" trials – I've all but tuned out hearing my name at this point. 🙂

    February 19, 2010 at 10:29 pm
  • Your entire olymic post was thoroughly and laugh out loud funny…but let's focus on the "…everything makes me think of teaching…" paragraph:) That's a great topic for more…let me get you started…Picture teachers working before school in the workroom (read: frantically cutting, copying, and putting new meaning to the term multitasking – Another event? The Multi-tasking Freestyle?) I look up and see a teacher walking towards me with a garbage can in one hand. What do I think? You know – you're thinking it too. Three of us say simultaneously, "Are you sick?" Is that not a "You Know You're a Teacher When…." moment? She was simply collecting old posters from school walls. Who would have thought?:)

    February 20, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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