Quick Moment to Pimp…

No, it’s not Sharpies this time. (Although they are still amazing and on my Christmas list – a girl can never have too many. Plus, now that I have my own book to sign and have spent many hours crafting posts about them, I feel as if I need to have one on me at all times which means in EVERY bag I own.)

This time I am pimping out fellow writer and friend Roxanna Elden who wrote the book See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. Basically, this book rocks. Roxanna, who is hilarious (Dave Barry gave a quote for the front of her book y’all…that qualifies as officially sanctioned funny in my book), gives practical, manageable, do-able advice for new teachers. She talks about things like how to set up your “piles and files”, how to manage all the procedural paperwork and friends, there’s even a before school starts shopping list. A LIST! You know I was sold when I saw that the book included actual lists.

Now while this book was most likely intended to help new teachers who feel as if their world is crumbling around them and have made an awful mistake deciding to work in a school (I mean, as Roxanne says, “One part of being a great teacher is learning to function in a dysfunctional environment.” ), it is also relevant for us who have “been around the block” so to speak. Roxanne includes passages of her own insight (again hilarious AND thought provoking) as well as straight forward survival tips – we could all use a little bit of that from time to time now, couldn’t we?

So, long story short, check out her book and/or spend some time on her website.

And scene on the pimp squad. For now…

Oh- and on a semi-related note, I FINALLY added some new picture books to my widget in the sidebar. (That is all kinds of a crazy sentence, but it’s true. Check them out!)

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  • I discovered a pen that is absolutely wonderful! Pentel G-2 I like the size 10 for bold that shows up well under a document camera, but also the .07 for grading and writing in general. I have 4 different colors! Found them at Office Depot.

    December 6, 2009 at 2:23 pm
  • Sometimes you have to just pimp someone out… and as a student teacher I’m glad you did. I have countless questions that most rookie teachers have and it seems like this book could be a great asset. Nice working pimp!

    December 7, 2009 at 12:10 pm

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