Ready, Set, Panic (Or In My Case…Frantically Make Lists And Make A Hard-Core Staples Run)

So, I’m back from my fabulous trip. I am tanned, well-rested and happy. Minus my camera getting stolen in what will remain an un-named city, we had the most amazing time and a wonderful anniversary. (Fortunately, I had uploaded some pictures onto my computer, but I did lose a few. Let’s have a moment of silence for my camera. And now, please send hateful vibes to the man who stole the camera of a nice little American girl. I hope Karma really is a b*tch.)

But now I am oh-so-aware of the calendar. Gone are the days where I pick my head up from my book, sip my iced coffee and ask, “Hey babe, what day is it anyway?” Oh no. I KNOW what day it is. It is 16 days and counting. And that is the countdown until the OFFICIAL day that I have to report back. I may/will/don’t want to go back for an extra day or two beforehand. Boo.

How am I spending these last precious moments you ask?


List making.

Scouring the Staples web site.

Trying to readjust my sleeping to “teacher time” (insert a shudder here).

(Oh, and watching TiVo’d episodes of Project Runway.)

Strangely though, I have moments of being excited. Sometimes, I think about my planner (the new one still remains un-purchased) and feel giddy. Nerdy, nerdy, nerdy. Shamefully nerdy. I have mentally planned read alouds, re-designed the lay out of my classroom furniture and wondered what my new little friends will be like. I miss having a good story to tell.

I guess that means I really do love my job?

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