Maybe I Take This Teacher Thing A Bit Too Far…

This last weekend, it was brought to my attention that sometimes I speak to adults as if they were 8-year olds. (My immediate response, in case you were wondering was, “Well, stop acting like an 8-year old.” Self-reflective, I know.)

I guess my brother-in-law felt the need to inform me of this behavior after I wagged my finger in his face (seriously, I can shake my Teacher Finger faster than a metronome) and asked him, “Is that really where you want to leave the suntan lotion?” Just for some background, we were on a boat, and he decided to leave the sunblock resting on the edge, where it was in danger of falling into the water, and I, for one, take my sun protection quite seriously.

All of a sudden, everyone (meaning my husband and sister) decided to chime in with similar examples. Evidently, I have been overheard saying the following, all of which offend my family by assuming that they are children.

To my husband as I notice his sneakers and assorted workout gear lying all around the house: “Honey, do we really want this to be a house where there is clutter laying around everywhere?”

To my sister as she complains about our brother not pitching in for drinks at the bar: “Why don’t you start by saying two nice things about (our brother) before you start tattling on him? Then maybe you’ll forget what you are so angry about.”

I guess when it’s all out there, it does make me sound fairly obnoxious. However, I choose to think about it as being the voice of reason. Granted I am “better” (I put that in quotes because I don’t see it as a sickness but clearly, everyone around me does) in the summer when I am not forced to constantly monitor and redirect the behavior of 20 8-year olds, but I evidently am still fairly annoying.

Can you blame me?

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