That New-Fangled Technology….

…The Calendar


Granted, it is a dry-erase calendar and although I am comfortable with my dry-erase abilities, perhaps others feel less confident with that technology. I am trying to be more understanding and accepting- I’ve heard I can be (brace yourself)….judgemental. I know, I know…I don’t see it either. I mean everyone is entitled to doing things their own way….and some of those ways are different and others are just, well, wrong.

Over a week ago, I added my class’ Writer’s Workshop Celebration to the calendar. Yes, I marched right up to it, chose a color and just went for it. I then proceeded to put invitations (lovingly created by my friends) in everyone’s mailbox. And then, just to show off, I added the date and time to the Outlook calendar set up for internal purposes. I am a fancy pants.

And everyday, it is encouraged that people actually LOOK at the calendar first thing in the morning before they go up to their classrooms. You would think that people would actually WANT to be informed…but again, I’m trying not to judge.

So, I promised my friends that we would bake for today’s celebration. So last night, I packed up my bowls, cupcake mix, eggs, etc and trucked it in to work. We spent part of our morning mixing, measuring and sampling…it was a pretty good time. No where near the sticky, egg shelled mess I thought it would be. I had planned on using my lunch and free period ( which are back to back) to actually put our goodies in the oven.

I had a million things to do…vacuum to get my class ready for the parents that would be our guests. I’m running around, baking mitt on, vacuum in tow when…

I run into my class.

In the hall.

When they are supposed to be in computer class.

And I am supposed to be baking.

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