Walking With Curly

It’s almost my version of “Tuesdays with Morrie”…but slightly less inspirational.

(Scene: It’s approximately 8:03a.m. I have just picked up my class from the cafeteria and Curly is the line leader. I love it when Curly is the line leader. Although, to be clear, I don’t have favorites. Yes, I do. No, I don’t. I totally do and he is it. We are walking up the stairs together, one of my favorite times to chat).

Me: Hey Curly.

Curly: Hey Mrs. Mimi. ( eyes shining with a new discovery) Did you know that two lines means you’re pregnant and one line means you’re not?

Me: Uh….well, yes, I suppose I did know that. What I want to know is how do YOU know that?

Curly: We all sat in the bathroom last night while my mom peed on the stick. And there were two lines. I’m gonna be a big brother…Holla!

(No, I am not embellishing. He said, “Holla!” Can you see why I totally love this kid?)

Me: Wow, that’s pretty exciting. But, does your mom know that you’re telling people? Sometimes moms want to keep that private for a little while.

Curly: She should have thought about that before she made us all watch her with the stick.

I suppose he has a point.

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