I Love Smart People

This week is Parent-Teacher Conferences week. This week brings with it many small joys such as The Joy Of Plastering A Smile On My Face For Three Hours As I Tell You That Your Child Is Consistently Showing Little To No Effort, or The Joy of Watching You Refuse to Discipline Your Child in Productive Ways and finally, The Joy of Acting Like It Doesn’t Piss Me Off When You Answer Your Cell Phone In the Middle Of Our Conference While Other Parents Wait in the Hall.

So much joy…I almost don’t know how to contain myself. Yet somehow I manage.

And then, the most unexpected and lovely Joy walked into my classroom and it’s official. I have a Teacher Crush.

Just to clarify – a Teacher Crush is not like a I Think You’re Hot Crush…no, no, no. It’s much more nerdy than that. (Besides, I have a fabulously gorgeous husband who is the love of my life…I need not look any further in that department). It’s more like a crush on someone who is just so damn brilliant and good at their job. This inspirational teacher who just has this way of looking at things that you want to emulate. This person doesn’t even really need to be a man, just someone fabulous.

Teaching in an elementary school can just be sad sometimes. It’s really just a building brimming with women. Women and thanklessness.

And it’s like a ray of sunshine when in walks your Crush, full of praise, and great constructive ideas.

My needy little dialogue went something like this:

Me: “Hi, how are you?? Thanks for coming in today.”
Him: “I loved your mini-lesson. It was short and to the point and really got them started.”
Me: (big, goofy smile)
Him: “And the children seem really engaged.”
Me: (bigger, goofier smile)
Him: “I really like how independent the children seem in the room. It’s a great space.”

And like my big fat cat who just stares up at me, allowing me to pet her, I stared at my Teacher Crush with wide eyes soaking in all the praise.

How sad am I? Think we need a little more encouragement? Or positive reinforcement? Kids aren’t the only ones who need a sticker every once in awhile.

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