A Quick Meme…my mind is blank

My friend over at Have a Gneiss Day just tagged me for a meme. Ah, I feel the holiday love. The rules are that I have to give seven random facts about myself and then tag seven random blog-friends to share in the love too.

Random tidbit #1:
Apples make me burp. Loudly.

Random tidbit #2:
I heart the Golden Girls and Wheel Of Fortune…I TiVo them everyday. Seriously. EVERY DAY. I’m still waiting for Pat to call me Wheel Watcher ID…

Random tidbit #3:
I know everything there is to know about Lucille Ball.

Random tidbit #4:
One of my dreams is to open an animal refuge for older (or baby) animals that are unwanted, injured and abandoned. Right now, in my mind, it’s mostly cats and dogs but I’m open to suggestions…except guinea pigs. They freak me out. Is that a random fact in and of itself?

Random tidbit #5:
I am half freaked out/half can’t-wait to turn 30.

Random tidbit #6:
I met my husband while studying abroad ten years ago. We had a “no strings attached” kind of thing (if you know what I mean…wink, wink) that somehow, ended up with some serious strings. And I couldn’t be happier.

Random tidbit #7:
I am afraid to wash my face when I am home alone…something about someone sneaking up behind me that I just can’t get past…

So there you are. Do you feel closer to me than ever?? I feel closer to myself…and I’m stoked that I don’t have to craft a horribly clever post (I have a doozy coming friends) because I am sick as a dog on the first official night of vacation. In my world, kids SUCK right now.

I tag….Ok…I tag no one (sorry!!) because I have to catch a flight to see the in-laws. Have a great holiday everyone!

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