The Paper Capers

We have been driven to steal. It is a sad day. Particularly because I often find myself saying to people “I am a teacher, I don’t lie.”

Like when I’m in a store trying to return something but I’ve misplaced the receipt, I might say, “I promise that this was NOT on sale when I bought it…I’m a teacher, you can trust me.”

Seriously, teachers are pretty honest people.

But we can be driven to steal.


Let me break it down. In one of my last posts I told you all that my principal recently informed us that we will not be given any paper this year. None. We are teaching sans paper. Nada.

I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Does anyone say “Hey there Doctor, just FYI, no bandages this year…not in the budget. Just imagine the bandages or something.” The answer is no. No. No one says that. Because it is ridiculous.

Anyway, today was a “Professional Development” day (a.k.a. “Catch Up On Your TV Related Gossip But Secretly Look Like You Are Bubbling In Report Cards Day” or “Sit And Make To Do Lists While Some Random Talks AT You About Your Job Day”). What I am saying is, that we had some free time.

And that’s when we mobilized.

When the administration was busy organizing the Worst Free Lunch Ever (seriously, macaroni salad should NOT resemble a soup because of a horrifying amount of mayonaise), three of us ducked down to the basement.

(insert ominous music here)

It was brilliant. Just like Charlie’s Angels…except dustier. We skanked around abandoned furniture and slinked around ancient text books until….


Forgotten boxes of paper. As we filled our arms with the precious booty, we considered spreading the word to our other colleagues, but then, as we remembered dirty looks, hallway snubs and the general laziness of some…decided it would be our little secret.

Mmmwwaaaa hahahahahaaaaaa!


Maybe I don’t feel too bad about the Great Paper Capers after all.

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