Somehow, It Doesn’t Feel Like A Choice…

Last May, my printer started defiantly flashing those two dreaded words: “Low Toner”. Rather listen to the desperate pleas of my printer, I kept printing away. Because I could.

Well, friends, I have pushed the envelope too far, and I am officially not low on toner, I’m OUT of toner. Two weeks ago, sensing the end of an era (I have had this toner cartridge for at least three years…sigh, the good old days…), I sent a preemptive email to our tech guy.

No answer.

A few days later, I tried again.

Still no answer.

Last week, I sent out another cry for help.


I started to consider sitting on the side of the road with a cardboard sign “Will Work For Toner”. But then I thought to myself, “Self, don’t be silly. When the time REALLY comes for toner, there will be toner. If you need it, it will come.”

Well, I need it. And nothing has come. Not even a response to my five subsequent (and increasingly desperate) emails.
Not willing to take no for an answer, I went to our tech guy and made my case in person. I mean, how obvious is it that I need a computer? Ka-jillions of grant dollars have been spent putting in fancy pants computers in all of our classrooms. Important people in overly tailored suits have been paraded around to view our babies actually using the technology so generously given to us. Little do they know, it is all a big facade. BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ANY FREAKING TONER!!

(Wait, I already told you guys that we didn’t get any paper this year either, right? It just occurred to me right now that perhaps these two problems go hand in hand. No paper…why give us toner?)

Me: Hey, did you get my emails about toner?
Him: Yea, about that…
Me: Can I have some?
Him: I talked to The Visionary about it, he said you should buy your own.
Me: Um, what? But MY OWN toner for a SCHOOL computer?
Him: Sorry. Yea.
Me: Wait. Let me get this straight. Didn’t I see you wheeling, like, thirty boxes filled with toner cartridges down the hall a few weeks ago?
Him: I’m supposed to save those for the office.
Me: So, that’s just it? Buy it myself?
Him: (uncomfortable smiling)

So that’s that. No paper, no toner, no answers.

No freaking way.

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