Not a sub for as far as the eye can see….

Or…Why Don’t I Make Up My Damn Mind – Do I Want PD Or Not??

Last alternative title for this post: The Last Minute Adventures of The Weave

Today I had yet another professional development session scheduled for this morning. Again, I would be missing two periods of instruction (which makes a total of 38 missed periods in the month of December alone). I dutifully create sub plans and prep my kids for the impending sub who is due to arrive at 8:45 a.m.

8:40 – I explain to the kids about the bullshit worksheets they will be doing while the sub is there (oh, let’s be real about it, while she reads her newspaper and ignores them…)

8:45 – Despite being frustrated about the countless meetings I have been to, my little friends go back to their seats and begin working. I hear a few “I wish she was going to stay” and “aw mans” which, of course, I love.

8:50 – waiting for the sub…

8:55 – still waiting…

9:00- still waiting…

9:05 – yup, still waiting…

9:10 – do I even need to say it???

9:15 – The Weave walks in, looking very haggard. You would to if you had spent the morning sipping coffee and doing absolutely nothing while the professional development schedule goes up in flames around you. She saunters in and sits down next to a kid. (WTF????)

9:20 – “Yea, so there aren’t enough subs today. You can’t go to the meeting. But you’ll work it out.”

Of course I can’t.

So while I would normally LOVE a nice, long, uninterrupted morning with my friends….I would also LOVE the opportunity to PLAN something worth all of our time rather than continuously pulling ideas out of my you know what.

If you regularly read my blog, you know how tired my behind must be.

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