What A Difference A Year Makes

Ha!! That’s the title of Bob Guiney’s book – remember the Bachelor?? Ahhh, the hours of mindlessness…I miss that. Now that school has OFFICIALLY started those hours (and days) are over.

So, you ask, how was the first day of school? As many of you know, this is my first foray into the second grade after many years in first. And every idiot I have come in contact with has promptly congratulated me on “my promotion.” Like we were all waiting for me to master telling time to the quarter hour before allowing me to teach the next grade. But I digress…

Well friends, I can’t tell you how different the first day of second grade is from the first day of first grade. I know that may sound obvious to many of you, and I did realize that on some level, but today was UNREAL!!

Let’s go through the good, the bad and the ugly, shall we?

We’ll start with the good (after all, this is the Year of the Positive Mimi…Ok, maybe the positivity will only last until the end of September, but a girl has to have goals, right?). Back to the good:
1. The kids are still cute. I was afraid they would be kind of big and gnarly since I am so used to the babies.
2. We can move SO MUCH faster. The kids are much more able to be independent. I actually feel like I taught today instead of herding lost sheep.
3. My new room is super clean and beautiful…moving was a b*tch but it forced me re-organize and we all know that I loves me a good organizational tool.

Onto the bad:
2. I still am not a champion commuter. I don’t know how people do it year after year. All those hours of my life spent on the train when I could be watching the Bachelor or something (sigh).
3. I swear that building just wipes the makeup right off one’s face. How is it possible to look like such crap at the end of the day after such careful outfit planning?

And the ugly:
I only have one…my vice principal was wearing a navel baring shirt. OK, maybe it was created to be navel baring but it certainly bared way too much navel today. The professionalism is just overwhelming. Harsh, yes, but sadly true.

Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow!! Maybe the tides with turned as my new friends adjust to their new schedule…

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  • 2nd grade is definitely a step. I remember in first grade I threw a large piece of ice at some kid’s head because, for a lack of a better reason, he was dumb and made fun of me. Sweet retaliation

    In second grade I had grown up to more mature methods of expressing my frustration with this passive bully.

    The jump from throwing small glaciers to throwing chairs… well, it was academic on a fundamental level.

    Then again, I was kind of a lame elementary kid.

    Oh, and as for belly-button-bearer… it could be much worse. Imagine if they looked like Janet Reno. Or Louie Anderson. THAT would be repulsive.

    Too bad they’re higher up than you. A bad day could give you the opportunity to bend down in front of them, point at their navel, and shriek Miss _____ left a cheeto in her belly button.

    At least you’d win over the 2nd graders quickly.

    September 5, 2007 at 1:28 am

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